Saturday, August 29, 2009

ChromePlus – Chrome based browser with mouse gesture, IE Tab and more


ChromePlus is a browser based on the Chromium build that includes a number of little functionalities you wished Google Chrome had by default. Recently, I did compile a fairly big list of all kinds of extensions to super charge Google Chrome. Though ChromePlus doesn’t include that many features, it’s still better than a plain Chrome installation.

ChromePlus has the following features not found in Chrome.

1. Double click tab to close page: You don’t need to click the small "X" button on the tab, simply double click on it.

2. Super drag: Drag a link in the page and drop it somewhere else in the page to open the link in another tab. Dragging and dropping a block of text in the page will search the selected text on your default search engine and open the results in a new tab.


3. Mouse gesture: Hold down the right mouse button while making gestures to execute various actions.

4. IE tab: This feature allows you to render a page using the IE engine inside ChromePlus.

5. Download Tools Support: This integrates various download managers such as Orbit, QQ Xuanfeng, IS, FlashGet3, FlashGetMini, NetX, WebThunder, Xunlei etc with the browser. If these tools are installed, you can find the corresponding item in the context menu when you right click on a link.


ChromePlus currently supports only Windows.


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