Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Flickr finally gets a decent image search


As much as I love browsing Flickr, I equally hate using their default search. When you search on Flickr you get a single column of large sized thumbnail images, so you have to scroll through the entire page to get to the “Next” button.

Yesterday, Flickr announced a redesign of their search page. Now, instead of one long column you get a grid of large number of small thumbnails – the way it should always have been. You could filter the images by “relevant”, “recent” or “interesting.” The earlier scroll view is still available and it’s called “detail”. You can also change the thumbnail size from the default small to medium.


The number of thumbnails that span across the screen depends on your screen size. The larger the screen, the more thumbnail you will see. If you resize the browser, the number of thumbnails displayed adjust automatically so that you see fewer or more images. When you hover the mouse over a thumbnail a small “i” icon appears on a corner of the image. Clicking on it displays a larger thumbnail with information such as number of views, comments, notes, tags etc.


The most wonderful is the new slideshow view, that runs a full screen slideshow of all the images returned on the result page. It looks awesome. A ribbon of thumbnails at the bottom aid navigation.

On the right side of the page there is additional information based upon how members are tagging their photos and participating in the Flickr. There you’ll see links to the groups, photographers, tag clusters and places that are most closely related to the search term.

I simply love the new search. I can finally dump all third party Flickr search tools.


  1. "Don't type. Search Flickr by sketching" link is not working?

  2. It's working for me. Try later, or verify on this site Down for everyone or just me?

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