Thursday, August 6, 2009

Free full version of Webroot Desktop Firewall 5.8


I never used Webroot Desktop Firewall before, but when I saw the main screen of the program I was immediately stuck by a deja vu. It’s the exact carbon copy of Privacyware Privatefirewall, a firewall I wrote about just hours ago. Actually, it’s most likely the other way round - Privacyware Privatefirewall’s interface is a rip-off of Webroot Desktop Firewall.


Anyway, it seems I should give this firewall a try; it has choke full of features. And this is a good chance because Webroot Desktop Firewall is actually a commercial application, but has been made available, probably for a limited time, for free.

Here are some features as described in the publisher’s website.

Stealth Mode Feature: Webroot Desktop Firewall lets you operate your computer operate in Stealth Mode, making your online presence invisible to Internet scammers looking for easy targets.

Email Protection: Mitigates the impact of attacks targeting your email client by tracking the normal volume and frequency of outbound emails. Webroot Desktop Firewall alerts you or blocks unacceptable deviations from normal email activity.

Advanced Packet Filtering: Features a layer-3 firewall which uses unique stateful packet inspection technology to detect and block unauthorized access to your system.

Malicious Process Blocking: Tracks all trusted processes and provides alerts when a potentially malicious process attempts to run. This makes Webroot Desktop Firewall a perfect compliment to the antivirus and antispyware protection found in Spy Sweeper and Webroot AntiVirus with AntiSpyware for added protection.

System Anomaly Intelligence: Automatically develops a baseline profile of your normal PC usage based on system variables such as CPU utilization, thread count, and others. Normal application and system use patterns are monitored and alerts are generated as unusual activity is detected.

Port Monitoring and Blocking: Monitors all ports to prohibit unauthorized port scanning or any other type of system intrusion.

Custom Protection Profiles: Easily define and set different levels of protection depending on whether you are connected at home or on the road.

Lock down your PC: Experiencing unexplained computer activity? Use the Stop Traffic feature to immediately stop all traffic in and out of your PC, and protect your data until you can determine the cause.

File and Printer Sharing: Webroot Desktop Firewall lets you easily share your files and printers with other computers on your local area network without unnecessarily exposing your PC to online threats.

Comprehensive Internet Activity Log: If you think someone has attempted to access your PC, simply review the Internet activity log. You'll know if a hacker or unknown programs has cracked your PC.


  1. i have never heard about this firewall either, actually i am of the opinion that you have to choose the most complex products on the market with good reviews, i use bitdefender internet security with firewall integrated due to its reviews that i read and because it has a lot of modules, if you want to read about it, here are some reviews:
    safe surfing to all of you

  2. Bitdefender is very resource intensive. Why don't you try something lighter? Comodo for instance, even Zone Alarm.

  3. Check out "her" other posts online... and her blog. Only a sock-puppet for Bit De-flender


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