Monday, August 31, 2009

Free licenses giveaway of WinAutomation, a powerful task automation tool and macro recorder


Do you perform different things on your computer each day? Probably not. Maybe once in a while like watching a movie or ripping a music CD or playing a game. But most of our day to day activities are routine. They involve the same mundane tasks of opening programs, checking mails and doing stuff which could be automated.

WinAutomation is a task automation utility and macro recorder that can relieve you from such routine work. WinAutomation allows you to perform complex operations involving several smaller tasks, faster, easier and with little or no effort.


Usually most automation tools are a simple macro recorder that records user actions like mouse movements and clicks, key presses etc and replays the sequence later to perform the same actions. In WinAutomation, the macro recording feature is only a part of the software. It’s not necessary to use the macro recorder to create an automated job. A user can create and edit jobs by selecting from a huge list of more than 130 predefined actions. There are all sorts of actions – from simple ones like opening programs, creating files, mouse clicks to complex ones like downloading files from FTP sites, and sending email. There are also conditional actions like “IF”, “ELSE” and “END IF” that allows users to create jobs involving logic and decision making. There can also be loops within a job to repeat a block of action. It’s like writing a computer program, the only difference is that there is no writing (only drag and drop) and it’s much easier.


Moreover, the complete resulted task listing is presented in plain English, making it even easy to read, understand and modify. The software also lets you compile jobs into standalone executable (EXE) files. These jobs can run on any computers without having WinAutomation installed, not to mention, these EXE files are portable too!

Jobs can be run either manually or can be event triggered, such as triggered by a specific process, file, keyboard strokes, network pings etc. WinAutomation also includes a task scheduler that can run jobs daily, weekly, monthly or in any arbitrary schedule. In the event a job didn’t run successfully, it can be configured to notify the user remotely via email or made to run another job.

Other unique features:

The Integrated Debugger helps you identify errors in a created job. The debugger lets you enable and disable actions, watch each action as it executes, set breakpoints to pause execution, execute the job action by action and at the same time inspect the variables' values and system changes.

Exception Handling: WinAutomation has an exceptionally clever feature called “exception handling”. Say, you have a job to copy a file, but the job fails because the destination disk becomes full; or the job fails to uploads a file to an FTP server because one day the network is down. WinAutomation has the ability to catch these exceptions and allows you to implement additional logic into your jobs to handle them.

Image Recognition: WinAutomation uses image recognition technology that allows you to create macros that requires clicking on specific areas on the screen such as a buttons or some control or window that can only be described by its appearance. This enables users to create jobs that can automate extremely difficult tasks not possible with other macro recorders.

It’s quite obvious that WinAutomation is a powerful automation tool for Windows. It isn’t surprising that their clientele includes top brands like Intel, Vodafone, Adobe, NASA, British Petroleum and of that sort.

The software comes with a hefty price tag though - the Standard Edition is priced at $129 and the Professional Edition costs $199. Now here is an opportunity for you to win a free license of this tool.

Win a free license worth $199

The folks at WinAutomation were kind enough to offer us 3 licenses of the Professional Edition, each worth $199, for Instant Fundas readers. Since we have only 3 licenses to giveaway, we are holding a little contest. To enter the contest use the form below to tell us how you would use WinAutomation to streamline your work, improve productivity and save time. The best three entries will win a WinAutomation 3.0 Professional License. We will run the contest all throughout this week, so you have plenty of time to think over and come up with good answers. The contest ends on Saturday, 5th September 2009. Winners will be announced next week.

- Entry Closed -


  1. $199 sounds awfully steep for a macro utility, no matter how sophisticated.

  2. Awesome! I don't care how much it costs, if it's free, it's worth getting!

    Thanks, Instant Fundas!


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