Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Google Chrome Session Saver


You know how useful the session saver feature of Opera or the addon for Firefox is? Now you can enjoy the utility of the session saver in Google Chrome with the new Session Saver extension. Session Saver is an extension for the developer build of Google Chrome that allows you to save, manage and reload multiple sessions in Google Chrome.

Once installed, the extension adds a small “session save” icon to your browser toolstrip. Clicking on it opens the session manager window where you can save the existing tabs as a new session, or load a previously saved session.



What Session Saver can do:

  • Saves All the open tabs across all Google Chrome Windows
  • Save Multiple Sessions and name them as you want
  • Loads all the URLs from the saved session in current window in different tabs
  • View URLs in a saved session prior to opening it. This is great.

To use the last option, you have to use another Chrome extension called Sticky Notes. When you click on the “ShowURLs” tab, it shows you the URLs of the tabs stored in different sessions in it’s own “sticky” notepad.

How to install the extensions?

  1. Download and install the latest developer build of Chrome.
  2. Next, right-click on the Chrome icon on your desktop, click on Properties and add “–enable-extensions” (without the quotations) at the end of the target field and click “Apply”.
  3. To install extensions simply download the file which has a .CRX extension, and you will get the installation confirmation box. Click OK.


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