Thursday, August 13, 2009

New features on Google Reader


Google has introduced several new features to their online feed reader, the official Google Reader blog announced.

To supplement the sharing feature, a new “Send to” feature has been added. Using “Send to” users can now share posts they like to Blogger, Twitter, Facebook, and more. Just head over to the settings page, and enable the services you want to use. If your favorite service isn't listed you can create your own "Send to" link with a URL template.


You can now subscribe to feeds from people you follow, directly from the Reader. Subscribe to the blogs, photos, or Twitter updates that anyone you're following has included on their Google profile.


Another enhancement to Reader is in the “Mark all as read” button. You must have already noticed this. The "Mark all as read" button now has a menu that lets you choose to only mark items as read if they're older than your specified time frame – the panic button concept. The three available options are items older than a day, a week or three weeks. No customization here, but probably later.


There are also a few small updates:

  • When you expand an item in comment view, you now get the full set of actions, enabling you to share, like, and star items without leaving comment view.
  • "Feeds" has been added as start-page option for the iPhone/Android/Pre mobile interface, so you can see a list of your subscriptions when you sign in.
  • There is now an option to show notes when embedding your shared items on other pages as clips.


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