Thursday, August 6, 2009

A rechargeable battery that charges through USB


Many portable devices like camera, game controllers, keyboards and MP3 players still use AA rechargeable batteries. They are conveniently sized and easy to find in any store, and they charge quickly. But they require some kind of power source, usually an AC wall outlet to charge, which somewhat defeats the whole idea of portability.

Enter USBCELL rechargeable batteries. This AA battery looks like any normal rechargeable battery on the outside. But pull open the cap and it reveals a USB plug that you can insert into any USB port, like that found in a laptop, to charge them up. Or just put the cap back and they are ready to be charged in any traditional battery charger on an AC outlet.


These are NiMH 1.2v 1300mah AA batteries and they can be recharged hundreds of times. Since the battery includes the USB plug within it’s body it leaves less room for the actual battery. This makes the battery’s capacity a little lower than a normal AA battery and would discharge early. But it can’t beat the convenience of a quick recharge from the laptop in the middle of nowhere. Perfect for journeys, road trips, hikes or just anywhere.

A 2 cell pack cost £9.09.


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