Friday, August 28, 2009

Ring2Skype - Free incoming calls to Skype from landlines


Do you use Skype? Are you planning to get a SkypeIn number? Wait! don’t buy yet, because there is an alternative and a free one. Ring2Skype is a free service that allows you to receive calls on Skype from landline and other phone networks free of charge. As you might be aware, that SkypeIn offers the same service but you need to buy the numbers. Ring2Skype on the other hand, is free. That’s not all. While SkypeIn is available in only 20 countries, Ring2Skype is available in 40.


When you sign up for Ring2Skype you receive an online number along with an extension. All calls to this number are routed to your Skype ID, which lets you answer calls from Skype no matter where you are on the world. The caller doesn’t even need to have a Skype ID to call you.

You can have as many online numbers you want and you can have them in different countries. This can be pretty useful at times. Suppose you have a friend living in Australia and you live in the US and your friend wants to call you but he or she doesn’t use Skype. You can then give your friend the Ring2Skype number registered in US to call you, or you can register a new Ring2Skype number in Australia and ask your friend to call that number. Calling a local number in Australia would be cheaper for your friend than calling the US number. As for you, you would receive the call in your Skype no matter which number he calls. It’s win-win for both parties.

Unfortunately, I was not able to test it since they don’t offer the service here in India.

Also see Talkster


  1. How about free outgoing Skype? Anything like that?

  2. Not that I'm aware of. You can try Jaxtr or Talkster as I mentioned at the end of the article, to make free calls. But they are different services not related to Skype.


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