Thursday, August 27, 2009

TechCrunch turns Microsoft’s blunder into a meme


Recently Microsoft found themselves at the center of a racism controversy when they edited a photo replacing the head of a black man with that of a white man. The original unaltered photo appeared on Microsoft’s US marketing website. But on the firm’s Polish website the black man’s head was swapped with a white man’s head. The black man’s hand however was left untouched.


Bad Photoshopping aside, it’s a terrible mistake to tamper with photos involving sensitive issues. Microsoft has offered an apology and changed the image on the Polish site to the original. But it was too late. TechCrunch readers had a field day yesterday when they announced a competition for the best Photoshop job.

So get Photoshop fired up and make your funniest (and yet not in any way offensive) version of the Polish Microsoft head replacement. No rules. Replace all the heads if you want to. Add costumes and props. And text bubbles. Whatever. Winner (chosen by our interns at the end of the day on Wednesday) gets a Bing Tshirt.

Here are some of my favorite entries

microsoft-meme (7)

microsoft-meme (5)

microsoft-meme (6)

microsoft-meme (1)

microsoft-meme (2)

microsoft-meme (3)


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