Thursday, August 13, 2009

What do kids search online? Norton reveals


What are my kids doing online while I’m away? - A question that troubles millions of parents worldwide. We have discussed this issue a number of times in the past and there are several solutions that lets you monitor your child’s activity on the computer.


Recently Norton published a list of top 100 terms searched by kids, based on data collected between February 2009 and July 2009 through it’s family safety service OnlineFamily.Norton. Symantec tracked a total of 3.5 million searches that were submitted by users of their OnlineFamily.Norton service, and then ranked them according to their frequency of search.

The top 10 positions are populated by some of Internet’s most popular sites –YouTube, Google and Facebook occupying the top 3 most searched keywords. MySpace, Yahoo and eBay also figured in the top 10 positions. But then searches like “sex” at number 4 and “porn” at number 6 managed to sneak through, beating “Michael Jackson” at number 8 and “Miley Cyrus” at number 15.

Other taboo subject matters occur at various positions - “boobs” (#28), “pussy” (#72), “naked girls” (#76), “naked” (#88), “nude” (#89), “playboy” (#89) and “xxx” (#93).

However, parents can derive some consolation from the fact that most of the entries on the list are innocuous and involve kid friendly subjects like “Miniclip”, “Disney Channel”, “Pokemon”, “Walmart” and others. Interestingly, “Norton Safety Minder” appears at number 21, probably looking for ways to bypass the software or learn more as to what it does.

[via Appscout]


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