Saturday, August 29, 2009

Wikipedia Vs Predator – Idiotic time waster


Wikipedia vs Predator is one of those batshit mental stuff that only the Internet can produce. The site pits two completely unrelated things against each other - Wikipedia and Predator. When you open the site you get a random image extracted from Wikipedia and an image of a Predator. You have to pick the one you think is the “victor”. It’s so absurd that you absolutely must visit the site and cast your vote, again and again and again.

Some contests are insane. I mean, how do you choose between these two?

wiki-predator (4)

But some are difficult to decide


At the time of writing this Predator was clearly ahead with more than twice the number of votes than Wikipedia.

And when you get tired of playing Wikipedia Vs Predator, you can move on to Explosion Vs Boobs (yeah!)

[via Reddit]


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