Thursday, September 10, 2009

Bubble Translate brings inline translation to Google Chrome


Bubble Translate is an extension for the Google Chrome browser that provides inline translation of any selected text on a page with simple click. The way the translator is implemented is beautiful. Just highlight the text you can to translate and click on the Bubble Translate button on the toolstrip at the bottom. A pretty translucent bubble shows up with the highlighted text translated to your preferred language.


Before you start using there are some changes you need to make in the preference window. First choose your default language, and then select the option “Toolstrip click Translate Text”. This makes it easier to translate; the default behavior is to pop open the Preference window. There is also a configurable shortcut to translate text, which is even more easy to use – press the CTRL key while selecting text.


Bubble Translate uses Google Translate and supports as many languages as the latter.

In another news, Google just announced that the new developer build of Google Chromium will have extensions turned on by default. This is one step closer to the release.

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