Thursday, September 10, 2009

Microsoft’s anti Linux training materials


Just months ago we laughed and cried at the ridiculous browser comparison chart Microsoft put up on their website. Now again they are trying to miseducate people by preparing highly biased Windows Vs Linux charts, as a part of Microsoft ExpertZone training materials for Best Buy employees.

An anonymous poster revealed that Microsoft offered Best Buy employees a retail copy of Windows 7 for only $10, if they can complete the training, at the end of which they are expected to better explain Best Buy customers the merits of Windows 7 over Linux. The Windows vs Linux charts are as convoluted and facts distorted as the aforementioned browser comparison charts were.


Although the statement about not being able to play "the games your customers want," is true to some extent, many of the games are playable through Wine. Even the example Microsoft choose “World of Warcraft” has good Linux support over Wine. Claims such as Linux not supporting video chat and not having “Authorized support” are all a part of Microsoft’s smear campaign against Linux.

Similar “myth” debunking are seen in areas of security, installation of upgrades, and availability of free software. Free software? Surely you must be joking Microsoft.





  1. Well everything that the slides say are true.

    If they are Not true, then sue them!

  2. Wait till Microsoft comes up with a Windows vs Mac chart, and then we will meet again.

  3. macuser you are an idiot.

    Well everything that I say is true.

    If I am NOT true, then sue me.

    macuser you are an idiot.!

  4. surf the net for mocososft strategy called "Embrace, Extend and Exterminate" the open source is the future and i'm sad because some people in a few time can't anymore fly with theirs private jets or buy another island in some beatiful place, ah, what a pitty...



  7. did Microsoft got the worlds crappiest Linux OS or said bunch of lies. I admit Linux is more complicated then windows but check how many blue screen reports over kernel panic and how many virus attacks on windows and Linux and you can run win apps on Linux but not the Linux on win. The best of all is that almost everything is free.


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