Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Ransom Note Generator – Useless fun


In the old days when someone committed a crime, like kidnapping, and had to send a ransom note they seldom wrote it with their hand because their handwriting would give them away. They also never used typewriters because each typewriter had minute differences in the metal type-heads that produced a typographical fingerprint, and any detective worth his salt could get to the typewriter the note was written on which could reveal the identity of the criminal.

The solution was to use letters cut out from old newspapers and magazines and paste them on a paper to produce the ransom note. Ransom Note Generator allows you to create ransom notes the old fashion way. Just type your threatening note in the box and it will output the note ready to be printed. Have fun!



  1. Tommy

    We have the dog. Bring a box of POWERBARS tonight to the address, below, in return for the little slime ball. 7:30, don't be late.

    Call the cops and we will be dining on STANwiches tonight.

    154 Fairland Way
    Santa Cruz, CA 95065

    Be afraid.

  2. Kim & Jerry,

    Please hold on to this for me until tomorrow. It is for dirty santa!

    If you open this I will eat your soul and steal your dog!

    Your Family

  3. Bob,

    I have your freeze pops!!! give me 1000 euro or things will start to heat up for them!!

  4. Really looking forward to spend more time with SIS

  5. we have sid the science skeleton and if you dont find him by friday the 16th of march your pie will become boney...

    this is for a science project

  6. We have your new pair of Nikes. If you do not pay us in the form of future favors ;) we will start by tearing out their tongues. If you do not comply we will be forced to take their very SOLES!

  7. Just bring my socks back.
    - D


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