Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Search Google, Yahoo, Bing and Twitter from IM programs


We usually scorn at bots on the instant messenger network. They lurk around chat rooms and flood it with advertisements and other useless junk. But there are some pretty useful bots too that lets you do a variety of useful tasks from your messenger clients. Like the GTalk2VoIP bot that lets you listen to Internet radio from GTalk (more useful GTalk bots here and here; another set here).

Sbot is another bot created by Tech Bangalore that lets you search Google, Yahoo, Bing and Twitter right from the messenger window. Just add Sbot as your buddy on Gtalk, Yahoo Messenger and Windows Live Messenger depending on which one you use.

Google Talk – sbot@bot.im
Yahoo Messenger – searchbot@ymail.com
Windows Live Messenger - searchbot@live.com

As soon as these bots are added to your buddy list, you can start using it. To perform a search simply type the assigned letter (as shown below) followed by a space and then your search term.

  • To perform Google search send g<space>search term
  • To perform Bing search send b<space>search term
  • To perform Yahoo search send y<space>search term
  • To perform Twitter search send t<space>search term

For instance, if you want to search for say “digital camera” on Google, type
g digital camera” and send it to sbot@bot.im.


It brings you the first 8 to 10 results from the search engine. Clicking on any link will open the URL in your default browser. There is no way to get to the next page however, so it’s not very suitable for deep searching. But it works all the same.

[via Make Use Of]

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    Thanks for covering askme.im. We have a number of useful bots for posting on twitter, facebook etc. Check them out.

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