Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Software company promises to plant a tree for every bug found


The web Content Management System (CMS) vendor, Kentico Software, recently announced a very interesting initiative called “Tree for Bugs”. According to their press release, the software vendor will plant a tree for every bug found in the latest version of Kentico CMS for ASP. NET. The company also promises to fix all bugs reported within 7 days. It’s good for the planet and also a smart marketing move on their part. The ecological initiative is sure to give them much publicity and get selfless developers and software testers involved.


"We are very confident about the quality of our Web Content Management platform. Although we can hardly eliminate all bugs, our goal is to minimize their number and fix them within 7 business days, so that we can provide a stable and reliable solution to our clients", explains Petr Palas, Kentico CEO. "We want to encourage our clients to report all bugs they encounter. And we decided to give back something that everyone on the planet will benefit from - new trees", he adds.

Kentico is planning to plant at least 100 trees, although the expected number of reported bugs is much lower. In this situation, only the trees reported by the clients will be planted in their honor and the rest of the trees will be planted in the honor of Kentico developers. Each tree will be marked with a label containing the name of the client who reported the bug as well as the company and country he or she came from.

The initiative is carried out in cooperation with “The Czech Environmental Partnership Foundation”, an organization supporting development projects throughout all Czech Republic regions. The appropriate location for the plantation will be chosen by the foundation, but it’s likely to be within a range of 150km from Brno, Czech Republic, where the headquarters of Kentico are located.

The company will published the photos of the planted trees in December 2009.


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