Thursday, September 3, 2009

Vopium – VoIP application for mobile phones


Vopium is a VoIP service provider that enables one to make extremely low cost international calls and SMSs on mobile phones through a combination of VoIP and Wi-Fi technology. Vopium is fundamentally different from other VoIP services such as Skype or Truephone, where user experience is concerned. Some of these services require a call-back system to enable a connection. Others ask the user to launch a new application within the phone in order to make a call. This is not the normal behavior of making phone calls.


Vopium on the other hand works almost invisibly. The user requires to install a small application on their cell phones that automatically integrates with the user’s address book. When the user dials an international number, Vopium automatically reroutes the call as a local call to the Vopium gateway and then via global traffic carriers to the International number. The user pay Vopium for the cheap international call and the mobile operator for the local call. Vopium say that it can save up to 90% on traditional international mobile and landline calls.

Vopium currently works from 45 different countries. You can however call to any country in the world.

The best thing about Vopium is it works independently of a SIM card or the mobile network operator. Users keep their existing mobile operator and cell phone number. Vopium works on more than 900 different GSM mobile handsets including Blackberry, iPhones, Android phones and Windows Mobile.

Vopium rates are extremely competitive and hard to beat. And calls on the Wi-Fi network to other Wi-Fi Vopium users are free of charge. If that’s not all, new users get 30 minutes of talk time and 30 SMS free.

Vopium Features:

  • Mobile VoIP Communication – International calls are made via Mobile VoIP technology.
  • Wi-Fi Calls – Calls made on a Wi-Fi network to other Wi-Fi Vopium users are free.
  • Synchronization – Users can back up their mobile contacts and calendar entries online
  • WebSMS – Users can send an SMS to mobile phones internationally via the Vopium website.
  • Call Back – Users can make calls from their PC, thus avoiding roaming charges when abroad.
  • Just Dial – This allows users to make calls from any phone, even if it does not have the Vopium software installed, using credit from their Vopium account.


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