Saturday, September 26, 2009

Weekend Fun: Clockwords


Clockwords is an exciting typing defense game where you have to rely on your ability to think fast and type fast to defend a set of important blueprints from invading mechanical spiders.


A genius inventor from Victorian London has stumbled upon a machine that runs on language. When the laboratory is infiltrated by mechanical spiders the machine powers up it’s defense system that fires alphabets to destroy the uninvited guests, as long as you keep feeding the machine with words. Unlike other words games like Scrabble, you are free to use any words. Just keep typing like mad pulling words from your vocabulary. Some alphabets carry special power. Including them in your words can inflict more damage, and in the process unlock more powerful alphabets.


In between levels you can visit the Boiler room which holds all power alphabets. The energy level of each alphabets is shown by dots below each alphabet. Here you can transmute two alphabets and create a more powerful one which you can then add to the boiler to use it in your game. It’s really fun. The complete freedom to use any words is what makes Clockwords so awesome.


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