Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Winners of the WinAutomation Giveaway Contest


We ran a WinAutomation license giveaway contest last week, where we invited entries from readers asking them to describe how they would use WinAutomation to streamline their work, improve productivity and save time. 13 people took part in the competition and came up with some pretty innovative ideas. Jag Foo from WinAutomation said all the answers were very detailed and the team had a difficult time choosing the winners.


The three winners who have won a license each of WinAutomation Professional 3.0 are D-Rock, Islam Adel and Jyothiprasad Buddha. Congratulations to the winners. You will be contacted shortly.

Here are the winning entries.


Wow, this is great software! I have been looking for something of this caliber for a long time, but to no avail. Hopefully this is my chance.

I am familiar with iMacros for Firefox, and I was deeply disappointed to learn that the add-on only functions within web-pages, not on the navigation toolbars or dialogues. This software can literally annihilate that issue.

>With WinAutomation, I will be able to use browser toolbars and options not only to save time surfing the net, but to automate use of my favorite download manager DownThemAll!, achieving the functionality that iMacros fails to provide.
>Printing from the internet is a pain for me, because I like to print web pages and documents to PDF using Bullzip PDF printer, but with this program I could automate the settings per instance so i wouldn't have to manually print every PDF page.
>I check multiple blogs/Windows sites daily (including: Instant Fundas, Giveaway of the Day, 4 Free On Internet, gHacks, and Freeware Genius), and software like WinAutomation could make checking the blogroll a snap. Better yet, I can configure it to automatically print, bookmark, or download the new files and topics being released, so it can save me the trouble.

Internet aside, my computer is one of my primary concerns. protecting data is a must. I can set up this automation tool to click through the mundane dialogue tools to set up system image backups regularly and without the hassle.

I run numerous programs on a weekly (and sometimes even daily) basis to clean and optimize my computer. Selecting the settings and running each and every one of these tools, cleaners, and antivirus scanners takes an awfully long time, and given the frequency of their use, this is quite a menial task for me. A program like WinAutomation would be a lifesaver.

The decision making part of WinAutomation is one of it's most appealing parts. Many of the tasks I do vary slightly and having logical operators to sort through the mess and do everything automatically would give more time to live my live and excel at school.

Speaking of school, the ability of WinAutomation to make independent .exe macros is a must for me, as I have to continually carry a flash drive from home to school and back. The ability to run automated tasks even away from my computer would once again, be a lifesaver.

In case it isn't clear, my computer is my life. I am here more than anywhere else, working or not. WinAutomation is the tool I need to bring my digital life out of the present and into the future with unparalleled productivity and efficiency.

Thanks for hosting the competition, Instant Fundas!
I will forever remain a loyal fan of your blog.


Islam Adel

I work as a Software Admin at the university and I often need to install apps on multiple computers. With WinAutomation, I could save a lot of time by automating the installation and configuration of apps after a fresh windows setup.
Making an executable would allow running the setup on multiple PCs and get email notification when done.

Jyothiprasad Buddha

I've got lot of tasks to do with it.

1. There are many soft-wares which require lots of steps that are to be performed like DB2, Websphere etc., I will automate all these installation steps and make it a stand alone exe and distribute it to all those who has to install them.
2. When ever I open my machine, I need to open lots of application. startup couple of servers. I'll automate them and create as executables and keep it on desktop.
3. I'll train my juniors on how to use this.

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