Monday, October 5, 2009

Could Hot Babe be the best CPU utilization monitor ever?


Hot Babe is a graphical CPU utilization monitoring utility for Windows (and Linux) that displays an anime styled drawing of a scantily clad, generously endowed woman. Initially, the woman is clothed. As the CPU gets busier and hotter, the chic starts losing her clothes, bit by bit, finally ending up totally naked at 100% CPU utilization.

Hot Babe was first created for BSD, and later ported to Linux. Then somebody realized that Windows users were missing out on the fun and created a Windows version.


The Windows version, in typical Windows fashion, has every command line switch of the original Unix application converted to easy to apply menu items. You can adjust the transparency of the figure and decide whether or not you want the babe always on top of other windows. Once loaded, just keep an eye on her. If she starts shedding her clothes it means the CPU activity has risen. The problem is, instead of attempting to lower the CPU load you might be tempted to increase it even further.

Hot Babe is an amusing utility to have on your desktop, particularly when you are ripping a DVD or running Prime95. Just make sure nobody is around!

Warning: The program can be offensive. Users discretion is advised.


  1. oh, she doesn't strip...

  2. I tried it on my Kubuntu 10.10, and was wondering about Xorg using 40% CPU all the time (I never got to see her with clothes on..). When I finally tried stopping CPU-babe, my Xorg-use dropped back to the normal 1-5 % level. So aparently something is wrong in this program. Pity, because I liked the concept...

  3. You have to start her with the -i command-line parameter. That way she won't get updated millions of times per second causing high cpu usage herself.
    You can change the menu item in Ubuntu to use this command-line parameter. You might want to add --geography -0-25 as well, to have her rendered a bit higher in the screen.


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