Monday, October 5, 2009

Desktop Google Reader


There are quite a few ways to read feeds subscribed through Google Reader on the desktop. FeedDemon is the best one out there, though there are still a few issues with the synchronization. RSS Bandit is another desktop feed reader that can sync with Google Reader. Then there is the official Google Desktop gadget for Google Reader. Another pretty decent one is Desktop Google Reader.

Desktop Google Reader is a WPF desktop client for the online RSS aggregator that runs on the .NET framework 3.5. The reader has a three-panel typical of RSS readers - a vertical panel on the left showing a list of all subscription and a horizontally split panel on the right with the list of items within a feed on the top half and the expanded feed item on the lower half.


Desktop Google Reader can show notifications for new items arriving for any of your feeds. It also integrates with Snarl notification system.

Features include

  • Mark “Star” to feed items
  • Mark one or all items as read
  • Open the source page inside the reader or open it in an external browser
  • Subscribe to new feeds
  • Set refresh interval
  • Set number of characters to display in notification


  • Too simple


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