Thursday, October 8, 2009

Spectives, an online visual RSS feed reader


Thumbnails are always eye catching but the geek population generally prefer text -the one and only reason why visual search engines never became popular. Probably visual RSS feed readers will suffer the same fate, but it’s definitely worth checking out.

The newly launched Spectives is an online feed reader that displays both thumbnails pulled from the original article, as well as snippets of text which appears when you hover the mouse over the images. Users can combine any number of RSS feeds to form a “collection” which then appears as a tab on Spectives’ interface. The collection is sorted by the most recent items every time you visit your account. Here is my collection consisting a single feed from Instant Fundas.


A couple of tabs created by the Spectives team, a collection of several popular websites, will appear by default when you first create your account. These include “news”, “gossip”, “funny” etc. But you can remove them if you want.

A collection can be shared with other users and is often searchable through Spectives’ search feature. You can also add tags to your collection that will allow others to easily search and find your collections.

If you are looking for advanced features you will be disappointed because Spectives doesn’t offer any. There is no option to save items, or mark items as favorites or even mark them read. It’s apparent, Spectives isn’t even trying to woo tech savvy users. If you visit them, you will be greeted by this message:


Now that’s insulting!

[via Read Write web]


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