Saturday, October 31, 2009

Windosill – A peculiar Flash puzzle game


Windosill is an intuitive puzzle game implemented in Flash that can be played online or downloaded to your PC or Mac. Windosill is the story of a small toy car that escapes from a child’s cupboard and enters into a surrealistic world of curious objects. The toy car takes you through a series of scenes which you have to explore – click, prod, poke and pull. The goal of each level or scene is to reveal a small box that would unlock the door to the next scene.


Initially you might feel a little lost, but once you clear the first couple of scenes you will understand the “rules” of the game. The real joy of playing this game comes from the amusing little animation that results when you interact with different items on the screen. The puzzles are cute and completely defy logic; they are almost magical – but this is what makes the game so intriguing and pleasurable.


The first part Windosill consist of 11 scenes and are free to play. To play the second part you have to pay $3.

If you get stuck on any scene and want to have a little help, there is a walkthrough available.


  1. gr8 game!
    how can i find full cracked(!) version.
    i dont want pay for that, its just a game. am i right?

  2. There are no cracks. I'm sure you can afford $3.

  3. I live in Iran (god damn it!) and paypal do not allow me to create an account and also Iran is under restriction from universal banks (I mean, I don't have master card, visa card and something like that)

    How poor we are! (its all bcoz of nuclear power)


    Do you know the 2nd part consist of how many scenes?

  4. I'm truly sorry about your situation. Life must suck in Iran. Unfortunately, I can't help you.

    However, you can try Moneybookers, a service similar to Paypal that accepts Iranian customers. Contact the game creator and ask him whether he will accept payment via Moneybookers.

    And no, I don't know how many level part 2 has.

  5. I'm sorry about myself, too.
    Yes really suck!

    Unfortunately don't allow me to create an account either.
    Just try it yourself and choose the iran as country and see the result!

    It says:
    "Due to legal restrictions, we cannot accept registrations from residents of Iran.

    Please accept our apologies for this inconvenience!"

  6. It's unfair, isolating a country like that.


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