Saturday, November 28, 2009

3x3Links – Speed dial type start page for browsers


I have been using Speed Dial from the very first time it was introduced in Opera 9. Anybody who uses Opera invariably uses Speed Dial. Firefox has a Speed Dial extension too. Then Chrome came up with a Speed Dial like start page, and overnight it became a hit. Undoubtedly, Speed Dial is one of the coolest addition for the modern browser.

3x3Links is a new web service that picks up where Speed Dial for Opera or Firefox or Chrome left. 3x3Links enhances the Speed Dial experience by allowing you to take your start page with you, organize it your way and to use high-speed keyboard shortcuts. The idea here is to create a Speed Dial through 3x3Links, and then set 3x3Links as the start page in your browser.


3x3Links is built upon the Google App Engine and requires you to be signed into your Google account in order to use. But that also means portability. You can access your Speed Dial from any computer and any browser by just logging into your account.

Another big advantage 3x3Links offers is the sheer number of “dials” you can create – up to 729! This is made possible by use of folders. Unlike other Speed Dials, 3x3Links allows you to create folders up to 2 levels deep. The Speed Dial grid consist of 9 dials, every dial can carry a folder 2 levels deep and every folder can contain 9 links. So that’s 9x9x9 = 729 links.

To make things even better, 3x3Links lets you have multiple Speed Dials under a single account. So that’s x-times 729 links!

Other features:

  • Navigate 3x3Links using the keyboard shortcuts. Different sets of shortcuts are available. Use one which you are comfortable with.
  • Use custom images such as site logos instead of thumbnails.
  • Switch between grid and list view
  • Set background picture and color


  1. IMO Speed dial is next to useless! I've tried it in all three browsers and usually I've given up after a day.
    You have very little convenient control as to what appears, as soon as you use it, you are on another tab so it;s just as easy to access your bookmarks or Bookmarks Toolbar.
    Er.....? what is wrong with the bookmarks toolbar anyway. Or your bookmarks?
    Blank homepage thank you very much!

  2. Then don't use it. Or use symbaloo and keep your bookmarks with xmarks. :P


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