Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Can you beat the computer at Mindreading?


Mindreader is simple browser based mindreading game. The rules of the game is this: the user enters a sequence of 1s and 0s and the computer tries to predict the user’s next entry. The goal of the game is to fool the computer into making the wrong prediction by entering an unpredictable sequence of numbers.

Every time the computer makes a correct prediction, it advances one position around an oval race track. If the user manages to get the computer make a wrong prediction, the user advances one position. The first one to make one complete round around the track wins.


It may sound simple but if you try it you’ll realize that it’s very difficult to beat the computer. Because there are only two inputs the guessing game becomes easier for the computer and hence tougher for you to beat.

Mindreader is inspired by Shannon's "A Mind-reading(?) Machine" and Hagelbarger's "SEER, A SEquence Extrapolating Robot", both of which were built out of relays and vacuum tubes in the early 1950's. As legend has it, they had their machines compete against each other, and Shannon's won, by a margin of 55-45.

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