Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Dismantlement:Radio – Cool puzzle game


Dismantlement: Radio is a fascinating game of puzzle where the ultimate goal is to dismantle a radio and reduce it to it’s components parts. You have only one tool at your disposal – a screwdriver.


Obviously, the only thing you can do with a screwdriver is unscrew. So your aim is to click on any screws you can find. Locating the screws is one part of the challenge, but the harder part is reaching them. You can see the screws but often they are underneath other radio parts that need to be removed first. But those parts doesn’t seem to have any visible screws. So you have to figure out where the screws are located and how to remove them.

You say you’ve opened a radio before? Forget it. This is originally a Japanese game and you are most likely opening a Japanese radio. If that is any indication you should know you are tackling something complete alien … and insane. That said, Dismantlement: Radio is an extremely satisfying, fun and challenging puzzle game.

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