Saturday, November 28, 2009

Free license giveaway of Handy Backup Standard


Handy Backup Standard is an easy-to-use robust backup software that performs automated backup of your computer. It can backup your data to a variety of storage media including DVD, CD, local or external HDDs, network drives and remote FTP servers. A user-friendly wizard guides the user through a 7 step backup process through which even the most novice user can create or schedule backups, restore or synchronize their data.

One feature that makes Handy Backup stand apart from other backup software is their plug-in structure. Handy Backup offers a wide range of free as well as paid plug-ins that lets users to backup files and settings of popular programs like Microsoft Outlook,Windows Mail, Mozilla Thunderbird, Skype, Yahoo Messenger, Photoshop etc.


Here are some important features of Handy Backup Standard

  • Three different types of backup: full, incremental and mirror backup.
  • Backup files folders, programs settings, Windows Registry, Firefox bookmarks and settings, etc. Backup mails directly from a POP server.
  • Backup to DVD, CD, local or external HDDs, network drives and remote FTP servers.
  • Selectively backup files by applying extension filters.
  • Backup can be compressed, password protected and encrypted.
  • One-way or two-way synchronization of files and folders between servers, desktops, notebooks, LANs, ZIP disks, secondary hard disks, etc.
  • Allows skipping files which are open at the moment of backup to avoid loss of file integrity.
  • Detailed logging and E-mail notifications about operation results.
  • Backup with timestamps allows creating multiple versions of backup files and store them together with dates of creation.
  • Option to set some other program to run before/after running your tasks.
  • Ability to run as Windows service and execute scheduled tasks even if no user is logged on.
  • Handy Backup can run on Windows XP/Vista/Seven and even in Linux under Wine.

Free License Giveaway

Novosoft, the creators of Handy Backup, were kind enough to offer us 5 free licenses of Handy Backup Standard worth $39 each for our readers. It’s already Christmas! Entering the contest is easy – you don’t have to Tweet, blog or even subscribe to Instant Fundas. Simply leave your name and valid email address in the form below and 5 lucky winners will be selected by draw.

The contest will run for not less than 3 days and not more than 5 days. Winners will be announced next week.

In the meantime, you can try the 30 days trial version of Handy Backup. Download Handy Backup.

-- Winners --

Handy Backup Standard Second Giveaway


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  2. hello i hope i win coz i am frm a developin country n wud lyk 2 hve it coz i cant shell out a fortnight salary for this thnx

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