Monday, November 9, 2009

Landcraft - Cool online landscape generator


Graphics generators are a cool thing. They are useful, they are fun. A while back I wrote about a landscape generator called Terragen. Terragen was a realistic 3D landscape generator capable of creating stunning Earth terrain, vegetation and water bodies that is impossible to tell apart from real photographs. Terragen is often used in games and movies. It was a real thing.


Landcraft is another landscape generator. This one is online and the focus is less on realism and more on visualization. For instance, if you are doing a seminar on land geography, or say effects of climate on geography or something along those lines, Landcraft’s beautiful landscapes will help you spice up your presentation.

Landcraft is easy to use. The controls are divided into three sections – Surface, Landscape and Render. The Surface control contain two noise generators that let’s you create random surface terrain and control the slope of hills and high grounds. Every time you click on the “Generate” button it will create a new landscape. Keep clicking until you are satisfied with the result.


The Landscape control lets you adjust the texture of vegetation, snow, water level, fog etc. There are two default settings for Earth and Mars texture, but you can create your own texture.

Finally the Render controls let you adjust render settings like sun position, brightness, contrast, shadow and so on. When you done fiddling with the various controls click on “Simulate” and behold the view!


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