Thursday, November 5, 2009

Microsoft calls Zoho the “Fake Office”. Zoho responds with


One of the reason why Microsoft attracts so much bad press is their trash talk. If you follow Microsoft’s recent track record you will see a pattern. It begins with Steve Ballmer or any spokesperson from Microsoft making a disparaging comment about something, usually a competitor’s product. Later the product goes on to become a huge success and those blockheaded comments come around to kick Microsoft on their ass. More often than not, Microsoft ends up eating their own words.

In a recent interview, Ron Markezich, corporate VP of Microsoft’s online Office application - Microsoft Online, said:

We're not seeing any inclination that Zoho or Google or Zimbra or any other of those offering fake Office capabilities can replace [Microsoft Office]

Mr Markezich’s comment carries a certain degree of truth. But the name calling is uncalled for.

Sridhar Vembu, CEO of Zoho, made a fitting reply. Then they decided to get some chuckle out of it and registered a new domain to pitch their views on Microsoft. This is so amusing!


[via Hacker News]

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  1. Kaushik: Thanks for taking note of Zoho, the fake Office :)


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