Thursday, November 12, 2009

New improved Google Movies


Today Google announced some major improvements to Google Movies. Never heard of Google Movies? No surprise. It’s one of those cool toys nobody knows about. Google Movies is a movie showtime search engine that displays movie timings from local theatres no matter where on Earth you are. Previously, Google Movies showed just movie timings. Starting today, it began showing more detailed movie information with ratings, genre filters and a new map view.


Just go to and enter your location and immediately see what movies are playing at your local theatres. Clicking on a movie title takes you to a detailed informative page that tells you which theatres are playing the movie along with brief plot synopsis, trailer, reviews and photos. You can also read reviews from viewers, pulled mostly from Yahoo Movies.

Click on the Map view and see where these theatres are located. The map view isn’t available on all cities though.

A set of Genre filters lets you explore films by genre and find the one you're in the mood for. Sometimes, you might feel like seeing a sci-fi flick or a romance, but you're not sure what's out in theaters. With genre filters you can start browsing right away and quickly find the right movie for you.

So what are you seeing tonight?

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