Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Zoomcreator – zoomable Flash slideshows for website


Zoomcreator is a software developed by a company called Zoomorama that allows you to create slick picture, text and video slideshows in Flash and embed the same in your blog or website, or share it with your friends by sending them your album URL.

Unlike most slideshow generators, Zoomorama albums are interactive and the pictures zoomable. This allows you to add extremely high resolution pictures to the album which isn’t possible with other image gallery tools. Embedded below is a demo Zoomorama album.

There are two ways to create a Zoomorama album – through ZoomExpress, which is web-based or through Zoomcreator, which is a desktop software. ZoomExpress is limited – you cannot add more than a certain number of pictures and you can’t customize the orientation, colors and looks of your album. Zoomcreator allows you to enjoy all these features. You can add YouTube videos and photos uploaded to your Flickr account apart from image files, rotate pictures, add borders, change background color, add captions and so on.


Your album is stored in your Zoomorama account where you get 2GB of free disk space. Each album is limited to 150 MB which is more than enough and bandwidth is unlimited.

Also find out how you can embed high resolution zoomable images in your blog with Microsoft Seadragon.


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