Wednesday, December 23, 2009

MP3 Player plugin for Windows Live Writer


Ever wanted to share music or any MP3 file with your blog readers? Earlier you had to do it by uploading the file to some online server and posting the download link. If you use Windows Live Writer to compose your posts, which you should, there is an easier and better way of sharing music.

With the new MP3 Player plug-in for Windows Live Writer bloggers can embed a tiny, minimalist, Flash based MP3 player inside their posts like this:

Download and install the plug-in and you will notice a new item under the “Insert” action. Click on “Mp3 Player” and type the link to the MP3 file. You will need to upload it to some server from where it’s directly accessible.


This will insert a small Flash player right inside your blog post as you can see above. Clicking play expands the player to show the length, seeker, and song name:


Warning: There seems to a bug in the plug-in that makes Windows Live Writer crash every time you try to add an MP3 file. The workaround I discovered is to click on the “Source” tab and insert the MP3 player while in the Source view. But beware, if you go back to the “Edit” view, Live Writer can crash again, at least mine did. So save your work before you use this.


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