Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Opera 10.5 pre-alpha is available for download


As promised, Opera Labs today released a pre-alpha version of Opera 10.5 for Windows and Mac featuring a new JavaScript engine Carakan. Carakan is a major improvement compared to Opera’s previous JavaScript engine -  it’s 7 times faster than the engine in use in Opera 10.10. The speed superiority is only evident in the Windows build, as they haven’t started on optimization for Mac yet. Carakan promises to run JavaScript faster than ever, allowing modern web apps to run smoother than before.


This pre-alpha build is also features a new rendering engine Presto 2.5, which contains a huge numbers of improvements. It includes support for CSS3 transitions and transforms, and more HTML5 features like persistent storage.

The other major change in Opera 10.5 is a is a new graphics library – Vega. Vega is the graphics rendering engine in Opera. It handles things like transitions and transforms in CSS, rounded corners, box shadow etc. Also small animations when opening/closing a tab, when alerts appear and when you drag tabs are all achieved through Vega. It’s currently software based but can be hardware accelerated.


Other new features

  • Menu bar is removed and added to a drop-down menu from an icon. A new look with Aero Glass effect on Windows Vista/7.
  • Private browsing: Open a new private window or a private tab.
  • Better integration with Windows 7 features like Aero Glass, Aero Peeks and Jumplists, and a move to Cocoa on the Mac, where you get a unified toolbar, touch pad gestures and drop down menus. It also adds notification features, in particular 'Growl' notification support on the Mac.
  • Some improvements to the search box and the address box.
  • A new interface for opera:cache. It allows you to directly browse, preview and use the contents of the cache on a per site basis.
  • Opera Dragonfly in 10.5 pre-alpha features new and improved highlighting for clicking and selecting elements to inspect on a page. To open Opera Dragonfly, go to Tools->Advanced->Developer Tools.
  • New inline page search and password manager.

Download Opera 10.5 pre-alpha from the bottom of this page.


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