Thursday, December 3, 2009

Rollip Pro accounts giveaway


Some time back we wrote about an online service called Rollip that allowed you to give your photos the old Polaroid look. Back then, Rollip had only 4 different image effects to chose from. Now it has 40. But Rollip no longer does the Polaroid effect – that is, the processed image is no longer bordered, just simple photo processing with a variety of different stylized effects.


This is good in one way, because the Polaroid-look is limited and because Polaroid photos are narrow, your uploaded photos get cropped too. Maurice from Rollip told me that people often asked him whether it was possible to get rid of the border and process the image in the original high resolution. This is where Pro accounts came from.

A Rollip Pro account allows you to apply any of the 40 different cool effects to your photos, from classy vintage to bright accentuated colors, in it’s original size and high quality. The Pro account comes at a price – for $2.99 you can buy 15 credits with which you can process 15 photos in high quality, 1 credit for 1 photo. Processing photos at lower quality and lower size doesn’t use up your credits.

I have 10 Rollip Pro accounts to giveaway, each with 30 credits – so you can process 30 high-resolution photos with it. The first 10 person who signup using this link gets a free Rollip Pro account with 30 credits.


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