Tuesday, December 1, 2009

UI Tweaker addon for Firefox


UI Tweaker is a fantastic addon for Firefox that lets you apply all kinds of tweak to the interface. Using UI Tweaker you can greatly improve and streamline the browser by removing items you do not use or relocating them to other areas. The various options are neatly laid out under different areas such as Menu Hacks, Toolbar Hacks, Findbar Hacks etc.


UI Tweaker can apply the following tweaks

- Remove 'For Internet Explorer Users' from the Help menu
- Remove 'Release Notes' from the Help menu
- Remove 'Go' menu ('History' in the nightly builds)
- Remove 'Read Mail (* new)' and 'New Messages...' from the Tools menu (1.5 Only)
- Remove 'Web Search' from the Tools menu
- Remove 'Bookmark Toolbar Folder' from the Bookmarks menu (Only if empty)
- Remove the 'Go' button
- Remove the toolbar separators
- Remove the forward and back button drop down arrows
- Remove the close button from tabbar (1.5 Only)
- Make the address bar corners slightly rounded
- Hide the Search Bar except for the site icon until mouse hover over
- Multi-row bookmarks toolbar (Disabled and will be removed next release since it sporadically works)
- Show only icons on the bookmark toolbar
- Make non-selected tabs less visible, making active tabs stand out more (Disabled due to Firefox bug)
- Remove white line under unfocused tabs (Disabled and will be removed next release, only for Classic theme on windows)
- Remove the focus rings around the tab titles
- Show tab favicon only on selected tab
- Relocate the tabbar to the bottom
- Remove the tabbar close button and place on active or hoverd over tabs (1.5 Only)
- Combine the stop and reload buttons
- Add separators, bold text on status message and other small changes
- Add a keyword when adding a bookmark
- Move the sidebar to the bottom
- Turn off autocomplete in the Search Bar, Location Bar, and HTML form fields
- Remove the security padlock icon in the statusbar
- Remove the RSS Feed icon from the location bar
- Remove the Min/Max/Close buttons while in Full Screen mode
- Remove the bookmark sidebar search bar
- Remove the location bar drop down arrow

UI Tweaker is an experimental addon and is built for Firefox 3.5 and lower.

[via Punto Geek]


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