Monday, December 14, 2009

uPlaya predicts whether your song will be a hit


Music Intelligence Solutions' uPlaya is a new service that enables both Record Labels as well as independent artists, musicians and songwriters to identify whether their songs have the potential to top the Billboard charts, even before they release their creations. uPlaya promises to fundamentally transform how artists get discovered, signed and promoted by record labels around the world, so that no great song goes unheard again.


uPlaya provides tools to analyze, classify and promote music for artists of all levels from basement bands to Grammy award winning artists. With their patented Hit Song Science technology, uPlaya provide market analysis intelligence and success rate predictions and music publishers, assisting in key decisions such as release order, promotional budgets, and market timing.

We use artificial intelligence applications as well as other methods to analyze the underlying mathematical patterns in music. Our technology does something called spectral deconvolution which is a fancy way of saying that we can isolate and separate many musical events that occur in a song. Some of these events are patterns in melody, harmony, chord progression, brilliance, fullness of sound, beat, tempo, rhythm, octave, and pitch. We then compare the patterns in new music (yours for example) to patterns in hit songs. By doing this combined with other mathematical calculations we’ve been able to develop a highly accurate and scientific tool. While this may sound like science fiction, keep in mind that we are working for major and independent labels on both side of the Atlantic who trust and use our results to make decisions.

The uPlaya helps democratize the music industry by providing independent artist, instant feedback on their song including the potential that their music has for commercial success, and then providing them with exposure and the tools they need to further promote their songs.


The limited trial account lets you upload two songs to get your Hit Song Science scores, for free. If you take the 6 Months Subscription plan at $90 you can submit up to 15 songs and enter uPlaya Contests (including MTV Talent search) and become eligible for uPlaya promotions like the uPlaya Featured Artists Page, further professional analysis and get all the benefits of the uPlaya Music Universe for 6 months.


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