Thursday, January 21, 2010

Blogger in Draft introduces Pages


Google has finally answered to one of the top requested feature from Google Blogger users by introducing support for Wordpress styled pages. This new feature will first be available on Blogger in Draft, as usual, before finally implementing on Blogger. All Blogger users can use it by signing into Blogger in Draft.

Blogger Pages lets you publish static information on stand-alone pages linked from your blog. For example, you can use Pages to create an About This Blog page or a Contact Me page. The number of Pages a blog can have is currently limited to 10.


Creating a Page is similar to creating a new blog post. From Blogger in Draft users has to click the Posting > Edit Pages tab and then click on New Page to create a Page. Published Pages have URLs of the format


Once the page is published, it can be linked to from the new Pages widget. The Pages widget lets bloggers add links to their pages as tabs at the top of their blog, or as links in the blog's sidebar. They are also allowed to decide which pages will have links, and in what order they will appear. Bloggers can also choose whether or not they want links automatically created for pages they create.

Blogs using custom built templates might need to add a few lines of codes to get their pages working.


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