Thursday, January 7, 2010

Google India offering free SEO service to Indian webmasters


Who can give better advice on your site’s SEO than Google themselves? This is what the Google India team is now offering. The Official Google India Blog yesterday announced the launch of the Google India Site Clinic that will give webmasters an opportunity to get their site reviewed and analyzed by who else but Google’s Search Quality team!


Starting from January 6 till 20, the Google India team will accept submission of sites from Indian webmasters, although it’s not clear whether or not webmasters from other countries are invited to the Site Clinic and how, if at all, Google will verify the nationality of the submitters. Also to participate, the site must be registered on Google’s webmaster tools.

Google’s Search Quality team will then analyze the websites submitted, and offer constructive advice on accessibility and improvements that can lead to better visibility the website in Google's search results.

It’s expected that Google will receive thousands of submissions, but only a selection of sites will be lucky enough to get reviewed by Google. From those who had the privilege of getting optimization tips and advice directly from the experts, a few representative websites will be chosen as examples for a few follow-up posts that Google intends to make to share the best practices. Kudos to Google!


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