Tuesday, February 2, 2010

AutoCAD moves to the cloud with Project Butterfly


Project Butterfly is a new web based CAD application from Autodesk that lets you edit and share AutoCAD drawings online from a Web browser without having to install or download anything. Bringing AutoCAD to the cloud makes it more accessible and the ability to share drawings with others and edit simultaneously makes it an excellent companion for 2D artists.


With Project Butterfly, all your DWG files are stored on the cloud so that you can access them from any computer anywhere. To share them with your colleagues just send them an invitation. They can view them in their browser without AutoCAD installed and even apply changes to the drawing. It’s even possible to edit the drawing simultaneously in real time. The owner of the drawing can set permissions that controls whether participants can edit the drawing or only view it.

Each drawing in Project Butterfly has its own timeline which allows you to instantly view all past versions, reviews and meetings so you don’t have to create periodic backups of your drawings.

You can try Project Butterfly immediately without signing up.


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