Friday, February 26, 2010

Invisible Browsing VPN Winners


Early this week I organized a giveaway for Invisible Browsing VPN accounts. Originally I intended to give away only 10 accounts, but seeing the large amount of entries I requested ibVPN for another 10. So now there are not 10 but 20 winners. Here are the lucky ones as decided by a draw conducted using

  1. Stig
  2. GaQuay
  3. Ben
  4. Marco Antonelli
  5. mero
  6. mojo rizin
  7. nishanth
  8. Manoj Patel
  9. Ryan
  10. Nitesh
  11. tommi raulahti
  12. Popescu Ioan
  13. Al Otojunk
  14. nickhill
  15. shontou
  16. Sandrina
  17. Jason Cook
  18. my_immortalize
  19. john
  20. nitrox

Congratulation to all winners. You will contacted by ibVPN with instructions on how to activate your accounts.


  1. Wow, Finally I won something... this is so cool! Thank you!

  2. My first win too. haven't been contacted by them yet. Anyone contacted yet?

  3. Thank you............


  4. I got my contact mail pretty fast.


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