Sunday, February 7, 2010

Microsoft sponsored Playlist 7 offers free music download from emerging artists


Early December last year, ReverbNation, a site that focuses on the independent music industry and provides a marketing platform for more than 500,000 artists, labels, managers, and venues, announced the launch of a new music discovery program called Playlist 7.


The program, sponsored by Microsoft Windows, showcases emerging artists from the rock, pop, alternative, hip-hop, latin, jazz, and electronica/dance genres. Every week 50 songs are selected and music fans get to choose 7 artists to appear in ‘Playlist 7’ by voting. The chosen 7 then receives additional promotion and cash rewards, while the 50 selected songs are made available for free download on the website.

However, out of the 50 songs only 7 can be downloaded by a fan. Each download then acts as a ‘vote’ for the artist. The 7 Artists who receive the most downloads during each week are announced winners. This gets repeated every week with a fresh batch of 50 songs.

Lou Plaia, vice president of Artist Relations at ReverbNation, said

It’s a great way to bring bands and brands together for mutual benefit.

The fans get free music from up and coming artists every week, plus they get to decide which Artists make it to the top of Playlist 7. The artists get exposure and cash compensation every step of the way. Everybody wins with Playlist 7.

The Microsoft Connection

Now where does Microsoft fits in among this? Once you click on the “Download” button on Playlist 7, it becomes immediately apparent where. To be qualified to download the free music you must either be a Fan or Friend or Follower of Windows on Facebook, MySpace or Twitter respectively. Once you’ve “connected” to Playlist 7 through any of these 3 social network, you’ll be able to check out the “Current Contenders” and download all featured songs.

[via Business Wire]


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