Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Old meets New: Send Telegrams through the Internet


Many many moons ago the only cheap and fast communication system was the Telegram. I have had the privilege of witnessing this Morse Code powered fascinating piece of technology at work, although I never personally used it and it was already on the decline being replaced by reliable mail deliveries and telephones.

Telegram services are no longer available in many countries. So if you want to recreate that old feeling, the joy of sending and receiving a telegram, you can do it through Telegram Stop.


Telegram Stop is an online service that lets you send telegrams to any place on earth where mails can reach. Just compose a brief message, preview it and they will dispatch it the very same day. Telegram Stop’s telegrams are made to look and feel like a classic telegram from the original days. They also offers a few tips to make your telegrams look more realistic:

  • Be economical with your use of words
  • Write out numbers as words, eg "FIRST" not "1st"
  • Make use of short sharp sentences and phrases
  • Get rid of small connecting words such as “a” “the” “that” “we” “I” “in” “your”

Telegram Stop automatically inserts “STOP” in place of “.”, just like original telegram messages. This is because punctuation used to cost extra whereas letters were free up to a certain character limit.

The service charges $5.65 per telegram. There is option to send bulk telegrams at a cheaper price. You can also send photos along with the telegram although the original telegraphy service never allowed such a convenience.

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  1. Real telegram services still operate in most countries...

  2. +1 for iTelegram. Regular user of the Mailgram service.

  3. Bit confused about iTelegram -- is it delivered by email or actually delivered to the house? If it's delivered physically then why the name "iTelegram" ?

  4. iPod, iPad, iPhone etc.


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