Tuesday, February 2, 2010

PdaNet turns iPhone, BlackBerry, PalmOS, Windows Mobile and Android phones into wireless routers


pdanet PdaNet is a software lets you tether your computer to your phone either through WiFi, Bluetooth or a USB cable and use the Internet connection on your phone to browse on your computer. In other words, PdaNet converts your mobile device into a wireless router or USB modem, whichever connection mode you use.

PdaNet’s support for mobile devices is impressive. It supports iPhone, BlackBerry, PalmOS, Windows Mobile and recently Android phones.

PdaNet is simple to set-up; just download and install the desktop client on your PC or Mac and follow the on-screen instructions. Now download the appropriate PdaNet mobile client and install it on your iPhone or BlackBerry or Android or whichever phone you own. Connect your phone to your computer using any of the supported connection mode and the desktop PdaNet client should pick up the data connection from your phone.

Now just go through the settings in PdaNet and check (or uncheck) the ones you wish to apply. These include auto-connecting when the cable is attached, showing network icon when connected, and using Google DNS.

PdaNet does not require root access or hacking an Android phone’s firmware in order to work. It is just a regular Android application. IPhones however, need to be jailbreaked.

Although PdaNet is not a free software (costs $34), you can continue to use it even after the trial period expires but your traffic will be limited to only HTTP. Which means no HTTPS, FTP or any other protocols.


  1. works like a charm with my Motorola android and dell Adamo with windows 7. i splurged for the full app. hey free wireless internet all the time.

  2. How do you put the application on a blackberry?

  3. How do you put the application on a blackberry?

  4. how to put this on a instint

  5. Works on a Torch 9860 USB mode, still working on bluetooth


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