Saturday, February 13, 2010

YouTube video speed dashboard


Ever wondered how fast your Internet Service Provider is when connecting and streaming videos from YouTube’s servers? No need to wonder. Google on Thursday announced a new YouTube video speed dashboard that lets you find out, in under a second, how fast your connection is to YouTube’s servers. The dashboard has a graph that tells you how fast your connection has been historically, over time, and also compares your speed with that of users in other regions, and users on the same region as you but under a different ISP.



The speed numbers are calculated by measuring the speed at which YouTube video is received by the browser. This is then averaged over the previous 30 days provided you've used the same browser during this time period. A higher YouTube video speed translates to a better and faster experience not just for YouTube videos but for the Web in general.

This kind of transparency could really pressurize ISPs who are throttling speeds to YouTube servers for whatever reason. Such tools can be invaluable in comparing ISPs or troubleshooting Internet speed issues- is the problem with your ISP, or the connection to your house.


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