Monday, June 21, 2010

6 Tracker Checkers to find private BitTorrent trackers with open signups


Private BitTorrent trackers are very popular among file sharers usually because users in these networks get better download speeds and occasionally carry rare collections not found on public torrent trackers.

Discovering new private trackers or keeping track of open signups would have been impossible without torrent discussion boards, blogs and online tracker checker services such as BTRACS which we wrote about quite a while ago. Now finding open trackers has become easier and even better as several new tracking sites have joined in. Let’s take a look at them.

1. BTRACS has been online for years and is still the biggest and most reliable tracker checking sites available. BTRACS is an automatic information site which periodically checks closed community Bittorrent trackers for being open for signup. The list of checker is updated every 10 minutes.


BTRACS’s most useful feature is that it displays listing of rare tracker openings in a section separate from their main list which consists mostly of trackers that have continuous open signups. BTRACS has more than 500 trackers in its database and all trackers can be sorted by genre/category, country and ranking.

2. has a flamboyant interface with unusually large sized icons indicating which trackers are open or closed. Open registration uptime v/s downtime is displayed as a percentage which is something users might find useful for determining their success of signing up under a tracker. The list is auto refreshed every 4-5 minutes. Additionally, user can manually refresh each tracker individually.


3. FileSharingZ’s Open Tracker directory is arguably one of the best tracker checking sites on the Internet. Like BTRACS this site has a handy “Rare Trackers” section at the top of the list. Apart from the open/close ratio, category and user ratings, the list also displays the number of active torrents on the tracker and the seeders-to-leechers ratio when last checked.


There is more – click on a tracker and get even detailed information about the site like active number of torrents, average number of torrents and the highest number of torrents the site recorded. It also shows the trend in torrent numbers and S/L ratio over a period of one week, month and even year, complete with graphs. This information is invaluable, particularly when you want to find reliability of a tracker before signing up.


FileSharingZ’s Open Tracker is a good place to research on any private tracker.

4. ScrapeTorrent - the best feature of this tracker is that you can get notification by email or SMS on your cell phone whenever a tracker which is currently closed opens for signup. Other than that, it’s a pretty straightforward, no-frills tracker checking site that monitors some 280 different private trackers. Usual options like filtering by category, language, status (open/close) is available.


5. is a new tracker service. Unlike other tracker checker sites that employ scripts and databases to automatically check the status of trackers with open registration, everything at is done manually. OpenTracker collects information from various sources that may include blogs and forums to prepare and update their database.


6. TrackerChecker is the least impressive one among the lot. It indexes more than 300 trackers but lack of filtering options and no categories makes it difficult to find the trackers users are interested in. The list is arranged alphabetically, thus open trackers are mixed in among the closed ones.


One good feature is the "View History". Each changes to the tracker are recorded by this site and you are able to see the prior history dating back to more than a year.

[via FileShareFreak]


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