Tuesday, July 20, 2010

World’s first Pirate ISP to launch in Sweden


Earlier this year when the Pirate Bay was ousted by their host due to legal troubles, a Swedish political party by the name of Swedish Pirate Party came forward to provide bandwidth to The Pirate Bay to safeguard it from constant bullying by record companies and government agencies. Now the Pirate Party will be doing the same for the average citizen by launching its own ISP with focus on anonymity, privacy and protection.


The Pirate ISP will provide customers with an alternative provider built on the Pirate Party’s principles. “If you see something and you think it’s broken you build a patch and fix it. With that as a reference point we are launching an ISP. This is one way to tackle the big brother society”, Gustav Nipe, a long-standing Pirate Party member and CEO of Pirate ISP said.

Nipe further said that they will not allow the Swedish Government to monitor Pirate ISP users and will refuse to retain logs. He warned that any attempt to force it to do otherwise will result in a constitutional issue.

The organization has teamed up with existing ISP and technology company ViaEuropa who will operate the service. ViaEuropa also runs the Ipredator service, in partnership with the Pirate Bay, which is aimed at combating the controversial IPRED anti-piracy laws.

The service began beta testing in the city of Lund yesterday with around 100 residents of LKF, a housing organization whose aim is to provide quality accommodations at a reasonable cost. After the first two weeks of testing, the initial expansion aim is to take 5% of the market in Lund and then set up in further locations around Sweden.

[via TorrentFreak]

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