Saturday, August 21, 2010

Stream Torrent: Streaming videos via BitTorrent

Stream Torrent is a unique piece of software that brings the best of internet video streaming and P2P technology together. This free application lets you both watch and broadcast live video on the web by making use of P2P technology for load sharing.

Like every P2P software, Stream Torrent uses the P2P protocol to broadcast video online, helped by thousands of users worldwide who share the workload by downloading and seeding data at the same time. This allows users to achieve higher streaming rates, greatly improved video quality, while also requiring less CPU and bandwidth usage.


Stream Torrent has an easy to use and very minimalistic interface. At first, you need to add channels to your list. This you can do by clicking the Search button and selecting a keyword from the drop-down menu. You can also add channels manually. One good place to get them is the MyP2P forum. You can tell a stream is a Stream Torrent stream when you see the protocol st:// in the URL.

Once you have added the channels and personalized your list, you can open any of them by clicking on the play button or just double clicking on it. The quality and stability of channels will depend on the signal strength and number of people tuning in to that channel. The quality of the channels aren’t great but watchable. Some of them even have pretty decent quality by streaming TV channel standards. Results can vary a lot.


Before you start using Stream Torrent you might have to open a few ports in your firewall and router. The ports used by Stream Torrent are:

IPv4 (TCP/UDP): 15800-15899
IPv6 (TCP/UDP): 15900-15999

If you don’t know how to open and forward ports, refer to the instructions on

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