Monday, April 18, 2011

Automatically Download Movie Torrents/NZB Of Preferred Quality With CouchPotato

couchpotato-logoPreviously we saw how we can download new episodes of TV shows, as they become available, through your preferred Bittorrent client using a program called Torrent Episode Downloader. This is possible by subscribing to RSS feeds of the TV shows you are interested in and then allowing the program to automatically download found episodes. In the case of movies, this is not possible.

For starters, there are no RSS feeds that will tell you when a movie has become available on torrents. Some torrent indexing sites publish RSS feeds that you can subscribe in a regular feed reader and manually monitor the feed. But that is not a practical solution as hundreds of torrents are uploaded every day. Among them are many low quality CamRIPs and even fake torrents.

So how to automatically download only the best quality rips? Enter CouchPotato.

CouchPotato is an automatic torrent and Usenet downloader that lets you keep a list of movies you wish to download. The program will periodically search for these movies on Usenet and torrent indexing sites, and once found will automatically download the .nzb or .torrent to a specified directory and notify the user. CouchPotato’s killer feature is that it lets you choose the quality of the rips you are interested in – DVD-rip, Bluray-rip, 720p, 1080p or others.

Note that CouchPotato is a not a torrent or Usernet client. It only downloads the .torrent or .nzb file which you have to open with a proper Bittorrent client or Usenet downloader to download the movie.


CouchPotato requires no installation – download the program, unzip it to a location of your choice and double click on the executable. CouchPotato will launch inside your browser with the address http://localhost:5000/, which adds another interesting possibility to the program – remote access.

Before you start adding movies to your watch list, click on gear icon at the top and customize the program’s options, set download directory etc. Here you can change the search interval, which is 24 hours by default. You can set words to ignore (German, dubbed etc), set preferred words (Bluray for example) and required words.

If you plan to use CouchPotato with Usenet, set your Usenet account credentials for different Usenet sites. Supported ones are Newsbin, Newznab, and

To add movies to your watch list, type the name of the movie in the search box at the top, choose the quality from the drop-down list and click Add. CouchPotato then performs search and displays the results in another drop-down list. Choose the correct movie from the results and click on the Add button again. (Note to developer: consider renaming the first button to “search” to avoid the confusion of having to click the “Add” button twice.)


For example, I want to download the movie “Source Code”. The torrents currently available are either cam-rips or R5 or telesync which are of poor quality and I’m not interested in. I chose 720p. This is not yet available, but once somebody uploads the high-definition rip in the coming weeks or months, CouchPotato will download the .torrent file and then alert me of the successful operation.

Alerts can be setup through Growl, Prowl, XBMC, Notifo, Networked Media Jukebox and Plex Media Server.

There is also an extension from Chrome and userscript for supported browsers (Firefox and possibly Opera and Safari) that displays a “Add to CouchPotato” pop-up when browsing movies on IMDB. Clicking on it will quickly add the movie to your watch list.


CouchPotato also has a subtitle and trailers downloader, but I’m not sure whether these two features are correctly working. But at the end of the day, CouchPotato is an excellent tool for movie downloaders who prefer only high quality rips.

And oh, CouchPotato is cross-platform. It is available for Windows, Linux and Mac OSX.


  1. Yes, it sounds very interesting. Thanks. Probably I will try to use it. I still prefer to use one torrent site - I like it because I am confident in the quality of its files. Stay upgrade with the latest torrent.

  2. Hei, did you get CP to download torrents? I followed all the instructions, but I keep getting "Nothing found" for my IMDB Watchlist...although, searching with Vuze, I can get the content!!! Please help, cause the IMDB watchlist is the killer feature for CP.