Friday, April 15, 2011

Leaked Video And Screenshots Show More of Windows 8


German website WinFuture has posted a video and a bunch of new screenshots from Windows 8 M3 build 7955 showing the Windows 8 login process and more about SmartScreen filtering, mounting of ISO images, Explorer and other areas of the OS. The images are from an early preview version, which is part of the third milestone of the development. The screenshots shown below does not necessarily represent the current state of the operating system as many recent changes are reported to have been added, says the German website.


A striking new feature already seen in previous Windows 8 builds is the profile image tile of the user on the right of the taskbar. Clicking on it reveals a menu with actions to switch user, shutdown and hibernate the computer. The image above shows the user tile selection box. On Windows 8 users will be able to add even videos as the profile picture.

Two new changes are seen in Explorer. First, the details panel is moved from the bottom to the right edge of the screen which appears logically right as monitors have more horizontal space than vertical. On the flip side, when you switch the view mode to ‘Details’, the presence of the panel on the right will leave less space to display various file information columns. 


Second, a navigation button to switch to the next highest level in the folder hierarchy – the so called “up” button – is back in Explorer.


The ribbon interface that surfaced a few weeks ago is not seen among the screenshots revealed by WinFuture. It was rumored to be a controversial move, and is quite possible that the idea has been dropped.

Another set of images shows the SmartScreen Filter at work. SmartScreen is a file verification utility, originally a part of Internet Explorer, that will check executable files against a dynamic list of known fraudulent and malicious URLs that Microsoft maintains online. If a match is found, Windows 8 will prevent the application from executing.


Windows 8 will now natively support ISO image mounting that will allow users to run DVD or CD images without burning them first by directly mounting them on a virtual optical drive.



Windows 8 will also feature an enhanced on-screen keyboard particularly for touch screen interfaces with additional buttons that allow easy movement of the keyboard window. This will help tablet users easier operation and navigation without a physical keyboard.


Other minor changes seen are an improved ‘open with’ dialog box,


and of course, the new Metro design.


Finally, here is the video of the login process.

[via Winrumor]


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