Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Binverse Usenet Provider Accounts Giveaway


Usenet is a vast, globally distributed system of discussion and file sharing groups known as “newsgroups”. Users read and post messages called articles or news to one or more newsgroups which are then broadcast to other newsgroups interconnected via a wide variety of networks. Individual users with access to a Usenet server may then read messages from and post messages to, download files etc., using a Usenet client software called Newsreader.

Many ISPs used to operate Usenet servers for their users, but because of the large amount of data involved, and small customer base, many ISPs have discontinued Usenet access. Today, the importance of Usenet is diminishing, losing out to mainstream Internet services such as email, discussion board, web access and mainly Torrents, but there is no denying the fact there are certain decisive advantages of Usenet over Torrents. Two of these are: security and speed.

  • Usenet is anonymous. Unlike Bittorrent where you broadcast to the world every bit of data you download, Usenet downloads are completely secure and private. Nobody can snoop on what you download from or upload to a newsgroup.
  • BitTorrent's speed depends largely on how many seeders there are distributing the files. In Usenet, the complete file is present in the Usenet server just waiting to be downloaded. On Usenet, your download speed is limited by the speed of your home connection.

If your ISP does not offer Usenet access, you will have to find your own news server. You can either go for a free service, which have become rarer and rarer to find, especially good ones, or you can choose to pay a monthly fee to access a commercial server.

Binverse is a commercial Usenet provider that offers its own easy-to-use newsreader software, with a powerful search engine built in.


The search engine is the central feature of the Binverse software. Using the search engine Binverse lets you search over 100,000 newsgroups for all kinds of files – text, video, audio and pictures. Video, music and pictures can be previewed and played from within the software provided they are not zipped up in archives. Playable files appear with a little play icon next to it. You can read NFO files, view contents, and read and add comments. Alternatively, you can simply browse your favorite newsgroup for all available files.


The Binverse software by default organizes newsgroups into groups or folders such as video, audio, software, games etc. You can refine your search by creating your own collection of favorite newsgroups and then searching within those groups. Once you have found the desired files, right click on it and select Download or Preview.


An account at Binverse will cost you either $17 or $30 a month depending on whether you choose to pay half-yearly or monthly. You can signup for a 3-day free trial but remember to cancel it within the three-day period to avoid getting automatically charged for the six-month plan.

Binverse Usenet Provider Features

  • No server logs and 256-bit SSL encryption
  • 1500 days of text retention and 1014 days of binary retention
  • Up to 12 simultaneous connection and download
  • Unlimited speed
  • Access to over 800TB of user uploads

Binverse Newsreader Features

  • Built in search engine with lots of customization
  • Tabbed interface allows you to carry multiple searches without losing results of previous searches
  • Preview/play files before downloading
  • Automatically unpack RAR files
  • Download from NZB files
  • Pause downloads, limit download speed
  • Download scheduler
  • Built-in chat program

Free Binverse Accounts Giveaway

Binverse is sponsoring three special accounts to giveaway to our readers. These accounts come with 50GB of uncapped download speeds. Once the 50GB of high speed downloads has been used up, the accounts will fall back to speeds of 1 Mbps but will still allow you to download. The best part - the three accounts will remain active indefinitely.

If you are interested in entering the giveaway, leave your name and a valid email ID in the form below. Winners will be selected by a random draw. The contest closes on July 4, 2011.


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